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Who Is Solid Software, Inc.?

Solid Software, Inc., is a company based in the Denver, Colorado, area. We offer system and network design, implementation, and adminstration solutions to the internet and telecom industries.

Our mission is pretty straightforward...

Mission Statement

To provide the most reliable and cost-effective computing and communication solutions which our clients consider a wise investment to successfully accomplish their goals.

Company Mentality

Although the term software is in our name, we realize and understand when and how to "get down to the bare metal" to offer a complete solution to your computing and communication needs. In the whole scheme of enterprise computing, the hardware/software interface must be of the utmost quality in order to successfully implement and maintain a system. Nobody appreciates or can afford a system which costs more to maintain than the benefit it would give.

We only employ or partner with highly qualified individuals and organizations who not only hold this corporate view, but are able to achieve it.

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